EKO-TEAM Ltd. is a market leader in implementation of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies.

Much of the world’s drinking water and natural gas pipeline infrastructure is long past its design life and in need of repair. Complete replacement of these pipes using conventional dig solutions can be time consuming and very disruptive to traffic, citizens and the environment.

It is especially suitable for urban areas, old town centers, congested roads and industrial plants, and is applicable to all forms and types of existing pipes.

EKO-TEAM Ltd. rehabilitates old pipes using its own equipment, experienced personnel and liners impregnated in our modern plant. We can offer our clients several pressure pipe rehabilitation technologies depending on operational requirements.

  • short project preparation time
  • completely removes pipe infiltration and leakage
  • restores structural integrity of the existing pipe
  • flow increase due to smooth surface
  • suitable for rehabilitation of asbestos-cement pipes
  • rapid installation
  • minimal disruption to the environment and working process
  • no damage to the other underground infrastructure (water lines, optical cables, electricity cables, etc.)
  • removes corrosion
  • high strength
  • ability to rehabilitate very long sections