EKO-TEAM is a dynamic private company that has gained precious experiences in all areas of industrial ecology and environmental protection in the past years and has become a recognizable factor in solving all significant environmental problems in Macedonia.

EKO-TEAM is a service company that uses its own modern equipment and modern technological methods and procedures in the field of waste management and environmental protection. EKO-TEAM possesses the necessary flexibility in understanding and solving the problems and needs of its clients.

EKO-TEAM has qualified and experienced employees who, in cooperation with recognized professionals from all profiles, solve the most complex tasks that require unconventional access and creativity.

Innovation and continuous investment in professionals and the most advanced technologies is what makes EKO-TEAM your right choice.

Our clients

Thanks to many years of dedicated work and a great problem solving experience in all areas od industrial ecology and environmental protection, we have the opportunity to work on major and significant projects. We have achieved a long-term cooperation and mutual respect with many important clients and here are some of those whose trust we earned and appreciate.