EKO-TEAM Ltd. is a market leader in implementation of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies.

This methods are especially suitable for urban areas, old town centers, congested roads and industrial plants.

EKO-TEAM Ltd. rehabilitates old pipes using its own equipment, experienced personnel and liners impregnated in our modern plant.

  • applicable to all pipe materials
  • completely removes pipe infiltration and leakage
  • confirmed quality
  • economical solution
  • expected lifetime > 50 years
  • flow increase due to smooth surface
  • high chemical and temperature resistance
  • installation of a new pipe within existing pipe
  • minimal disruption to the environment and working process
  • no damage to the other underground infrastructure (water lines, optical cables, electricity cables, etc.)
  • prevent root intrusion
  • quick and easy installation
  • rehabilitation process doesn’t disrupt regular pipe operation (by-pass)
  • restores structural integrity of the existing pipe
  • short project preparation time